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IT Support Woking: Can You Trust an Error Message?

IT Support Woking - Error Message

IT Support Woking: Can You Trust an Error Message?

PurpleJelly are a hardworking local tech company offering IT support to Woking and the surrounding area including valuable services such as data backup, email security and improved internet connectivity. We’re proud to be able to offer fast IT solutions to our customers, and always keep up with the latest goings-on when it comes to tech and security so that we can help protect our clients and their systems. It seems that on top of American hospitals being targeted by ransomware developed by cyber attackers, ordinary users aren’t safe either, and cyberthieves are turning their attentions to paid advertisements and fake error messages in order to line their pockets.

We’ve recently reported about Microsoft’s revamp of their blue screen of death, but interestingly enough scammers are attempting to use a rather outdated model of the BSOD to scam users out of their cash and personal information.

With the increase of PPC (pay per click) advertising which displays sponsored sites at the top of search engine results, identity thieves and scammers are starting to bid on these coveted spots in an effort to infect unsuspecting browsers’ computers with malware and even ransomware which may steal private information or lock a machine and make it unusable unless a user pays the crooks a ‘fine’.

The most recent form of attack comes in the form of web pages that imitate a BSOD and instruct users not to shut down their computer but instead call a ‘toll-free helpline’; however it is not Microsoft technicians that wait at the end of the line, but fraudsters who attempt to sell unsuspecting victims ‘security packages’ for hundreds of pounds (or dollars). On top of this, if bank account details are given over the phone, the thieves may just completely clear out a user’s bank account or sell the information on elsewhere.

Sites such as this that breach PPC terms of service are quickly pulled down when reported or noticed by administrators, but the damage done to internet users until that point can’t always be rectified so easily – which is reason to remember to always be wary when browsing online!

PurpleJelly offer a range of essential IT support services to businesses in Woking and the surrounding area, including things like email security and data backup, which can help protect your business from the malware and scams above. If you’d like to know more about how we can provide you and your business with peace of mind then contact us today at 01252 856 230, or [email protected]; our team is always happy to discuss IT solutions with those who need it!

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