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Marks and Spencer Crash: IT Support Surrey

Business IT Support Guildford, Surrey

Marks and Spencer Crash: IT Support Surrey

Here at PurpleJelly, we’re dedicated to offering quick, simple and effective IT support Surrey to our customers and ensuring their technological safety. We take matters of security and personal information very seriously and endeavour to keep our customers up to date with technological news, especially that relating to data leaks and hacks.

After a large data breach at TalkTalk not long ago, the Marks and Spencer website has run now into some problems of its own; customers attempting to register their new ‘Spark’ reward card have instead found themselves presented with the personal data of complete strangers – more specifically, other M&S customers who have registered their details to the site.

Users took to social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in droves to complain about being able to view the personal information and order history of other accounts. Marks and Spencer quickly suspended their website in order to resolve the issue, which has now been rectified. The site is now also back up and running.

Marks and Spencer maintain that their website was not hacked, and that the problem was caused by mere “technical difficulties”. There have been reports of some customers being able to see the last few digits of other customers’ card numbers for a brief moment, but the company is adamant that there was no security risk from this as all payment information was encrypted.

We have yet to see the real aftermath of this incident, but customers can very quickly end up losing faith in companies involved in data breaches, which highlights the importance of ensuring company websites are fully-functioning, properly encrypted and secure. PurpleJelly always endeavour to offer our customers first-class IT support Surrey, as we know how truly vital such support is, as well as the importance of preventing security issues rather than solving them after the damage has been done.

PurpleJelly is a leading IT support specialist based in Farnham; we also offer IT Support Hampshire, IT Support Guildford, IT Support Surrey and support in the surrounding areas. If you’re worried about the functionality and security of your website, why not talk to us today at [email protected] or call us on 01252 856 230 for more information!

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