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Microsoft Partner Guildford – $1 Billion of Cloud Computing to Be Donated to The General Public

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Microsoft Partner Guildford – $1 Billion of Cloud Computing to Be Donated to The General Public

Proud Microsoft Partner Guildford based company, PurpleJelly are constantly keeping an eye out for up to date tech news, especially if we believe it would be of interest to our customers. Cloud computing has become the latest development to assist and confuse business across the UK. Whilst some may be scratching their heads over how to utilise ‘the cloud’, Microsoft believes that cloud computing is the way forwards for all. They are so sure of this, they are offering one billion dollars of free cloud computing resources to the general public over the next few years.

Over the next three years many public institutions will benefit from this generous new scheme. Over seventy thousand non-profit institutions (for example, schools and charities) will receive this boost to their IT. Nine hundred university researchers will receive Microsoft Azure to assist in their world-shaping work whilst Microsoft extends the use of broadband across the world in fifteen countries and twenty communities.

So what does this mean for these lucky benefactors? Well with cloud computing these organisations will have access to many Microsoft products which will aid them in learning, connecting and making the most of their IT. They can store, send and back-up their data anywhere in the world whilst accessing many resources such as programs and apps that will make their methods and processes easier. Of course this will all be done with the utmost online security.

If you want to keep up to date with your IT and computing practices, why not get in contact with Microsoft Partner Guildford based company PurpleJelly? If you’re looking for fast and proactive IT support in the Surrey and Hampshire area, why not contact us at 01252 856 230 or drop us an email at [email protected] – our professional team will be happy to help with any enquiries you may have!

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