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Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft’s operating systems have always been extremely popular among businesses and consumers alike. However since the release of Windows XP 2001 Microsoft’s newer operating systems have been subject to criticism of not being up to par with their 2001 counterpart. Recently the Internet is been ablaze with news of Microsoft’s latest Operating System Windows 10, promising to be the computer giants best OS yet. Being one of Aldershot’s leading IT Support companies, and Office 365 advocates, we are looking forward to the new Operating System by Microsoft, and thought we’d share with you some of the new features being incorporated into Windows 10.

Star Menu

One of the most popular feature from the previous Windows Operating Systems was the easy to use and navigate start menu. However opting for a more touch screen friendly tone with Windows 8, the start menu took a different direction, which didn’t prove favourable with it’s users. But for Windows 10, Microsoft have brought the old start menu back, as well as combining it with the live tiles feature of Windows 8.

New Task View

The old Windows 8 task switcher has gone. In its place is a new and improved task view is being introduced for Windows 10, allowing users to switch between virtual desktops.

Improvements to Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer is getting a new look with the operating system, with a new home location being the default view.

Improved Touch

When window’s 8 launched many users were disappointed with its functionality being primarily for touch screen devices. This has lead Microsoft to opt in making vast improvements in terms of its touch screen functionality for Windows 10, rather than give up on this feature all together. With Windows 10 the task switching will no longer work on the left, as it did with Windows 8. This helps, along with the charms feature going, rectify one of the main issues and problems users had with Microsoft’s current Operating System.


This is really where Windows 10 gets to shine in terms of tablets and over portable devices with detachable keyboards. What this new feature brings to the table is the ability to automatically switch to a different mode if it detects a keyboard has been detached, making an easier user experience.

Other Features

  • A new Snap Assist allowing for better home screen organisation.
  • Command Prompt which allows a user to add their own commands to a key board.

With XP no longer receiving updates, Microsoft are trying to make Windows 10 a more business friendly operating system, to help encourage companies to make the switch. With all these new and exciting features Microsoft have announced for their new Operating System, what do you think about Windows 10? Send us a tweet to @PurpleJelly_IT.

PurpleJelly are one of the leading IT Support Companies in Aldershot and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable and professional IT Support company which offers intelligent IT Solutions give us a call on 01252 856 230 or send us an email to [email protected].

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