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Microsoft’s New Web Browser Spartan

Spartan Web Browser - IT Support Farnham

Microsoft’s New Web Browser Spartan

A couple of months ago we talked about Microsoft’s newest operating system, said to be released in the near future, Windows 10. Instead of creating a new Internet Explorer for the new operating system the technology company have chosen to start from scratch with the development of a new web browser, codenamed “Spartan”,  set to rival the likes of Google’s Chrome and Morzilla’s Fire Fox.

Microsoft have announced that their new web browser will be a major improvement in comparison to Internet Explorer, offering users a more light weight application reflecting the likes of Google’s Chrome, and much like their competitors, have the ability to add extensions, giving a more personal touch to the application.

It has also been suggested that the new web browser will include digital inking. What this means is that it allows users on a touch screen device to make annotations on a web page and share via email and other mediums. This speculated feature will be a valuable tool amongst businesses, allowing for quick note taking and fast sharing.

Another unique feature said to be incorporated onto “Spartan” is the ability to group tabs. This will greatly improve web browsing for both personal and business use. For example when browsing online for new electronic devices users can place their findings from multiple tabs into one group, allowing for easier comparisons. This also allows for better organisation in terms of businesses allowing user to group tabs in a clutter free, and also allow separating both business and personal web browsing into different groups.

There have also been rumours about an integration of Cortana support into “Spartan”. This will create huge benefits for mobile users, allowing searching for quires such as train times quickly and easily. But this is not the only improvement to be made for mobile and tablet users. It is said that Spartan will not come as the stock browser on mobile’s and tablets using windows, but as a downloadable app (much like chrome). What this will allow is more frequent updates to be issued, allowing Spartan to be performing at its best at all times, generating a greater user experience.

One thing to note is that Internet Explorer will still be the stock browser on every device using Windows 10 for users whom are familiar and comfortable using previous versions of the web browser, however Spartan will be available to download and install on every device.

The real question is will Microsoft live up to their expectations a create a browser which is not only extremely user friendly but win other users loyal to Chrome and Fire Fox? What do you think? Send us a tweet to @PurpleJelly_IT – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

PurpleJelly are one of the leading IT Support Companies in Surrey, offering intelligent IT Solutions and IT Support in Guildford, Woking, and the surrounding areas. If you are look for an affordable IT Support Company then contact us today by calling us on 01252 856 230 or send an email to [email protected] – we’d love to discuss your IT needs.

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