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Quicker router, better IT support

Business IT Support Hampshire - Router Configuration

Quicker router, better IT support

As IT support specialists in Surrey, we support businesses within all sectors, ensuring we tailor our IT assist, IT Flex and IT manage services to cater to each business’ individual needs. At Purple Jelly we understand that having the fastest net connection speeds possible helps IT systems to run smoothly. Having been established since 2007 providing IT solutions in Woking and Farnborough, we allow our clients to focus on their core product and service whilst we handle the running and maintenance of their IT infrastructure. This week the new Asus Wi-Fi router has caught our eye, but why?

September was the start of IFA 2015, the place for the latest technological announcements, which included Taiwan’s leading Information Technology Company, Asus, who revealed their eye catching new router, boasting the ‘world’s fastest Wi-Fi’.

Many reactions caught on social media referred to not just the products capabilities but it’s unique and Sci-Fi appearance! Highlighting its memorable features from both a physical aspect as well as a technical one was something the eye couldn’t ignore! What an impressive statement; the Asus will offer the ‘fastest connection speed ever’.

The router itself, the AC5300, has eight dual band antennas and covers up to 500 meters whilst simultaneously maintaining the ‘faster, clearer and stronger Wi-Fi performance on each connected device’. It comes with Tri-Band Smart Connect, a standout feature, which will ensure devices attached to the router will be automatically connected at maximum network speeds, using maximum stability without slowing down the network. Asus routers already have a reputation of an easy to use interface and high level of security when it comes to online threats which the reputation of the new AC5300 is expected to maintain.

Business IT Support in HampshireOnce revealed in Berlin at the 2015 IFA consumer electronics show, the routers appearance was instantly noticed. Being a standout on looks as well as features, the word has spread even further amongst users on social media which comes in good timing weeks after Google’s OnHub router was launched. (

It won’t be a surprise to see other vendors such as D-Link respond to this release of the ‘fastest’, all round use router, but with no confirmed prices, it will be interesting to see how things progress within the router industry.

PurpleJelly are a leading IT support specialist in Surrey, we can also offer IT Solutions in Hampshire, IT Solutions Guildford, IT Support Surrey and the surrounding areas where we can find IT solutions to all IT problems whilst enabling high security measures for our clients. Contact us at [email protected] or call us on 01252 856 230 for more!

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