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How the Internet of Things is Revolutionising Healthcare

IT Support Surrey - Internet of Things

How the Internet of Things is Revolutionising Healthcare

With the rise of high tech gadgetry and the Internet of Things, the average person is now more connected than ever before, and is able to reap the benefits of possessing machines that can give us instant access to information and the ability to contact loved ones across the world face to face (or with a less intrusive instant message f we know they’re otherwise engaged). Along with personal use, business across various sectors have started to take advantage of the improved communication that connectivity can bring, especially when it comes to monitoring data and securely transmitting information.

We’ve previously spoken about the growth of the Internet of Things as well as the government’s plans to implement free wifi across the NHS in years to come for the use of both patients and professionals, and it seems that the health industry’s relationship with the Internet of Things just keeps growing stronger; it seems that we could in future see the implementation and rise of smart health devices using the Internet of Things to connect patients to their doctors.

Similar to commercial devices like the Apple smartwatch, it’s possible to use the Internet of Things in medical devices to help patients track important information like blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and more. Rather than patients having to manually log results themselves and then inform their doctors, the smart medical devices they’re provided with can update healthcare professionals with readings and results in real time. This can cut down the need for appointments, make things more convenient for the patient, and allow doctors to respond much quicker than if they have to wait for patients to update them themselves (especially in instances of crisis situations).

Patients who struggle with mobility or live far away from clinics and health centres and so have difficulty actually making it to appointments with the doctors will also benefit massively from the use of this technology as it allows for long distance relationships between health care professionals and their patients to function far more efficiently and safely than before.

It seems that we’re to expect even more integration of technology the Internet of Things in the healthcare industry in future, and future innovations will ensure that things can become even more convenient for both patients and practitioners alike.

What do you think about these new health data trackers? Be sure to join in the discussion let us know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!

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