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What to do when your server goes down

PurpleJelly - IT Support Farnham - What to do if your server goes down

What to do when your server goes down

What to do when your server goes down


Technology is so intrinsic to our daily lives nowadays that when something goes wrong or stops it from working, we are sent into a state of panic.


This is particularly true within a business environment, where technology is often relied upon for the day-to-day running of a company and its services.


Servers are a particularly big deal in business as they hold all operational information and technology and are essentially the foundation for your computer network. So, when they go down, it’s not good.


If you have an IT support team on hand then they should be able to take the reins and resolve the problem for you but if not, there are a few things you can do…


View the symptoms


Symptoms can provide important clues as to what exactly is wrong with the server. Start with the small things – it could be as simple as a loose wire – and only once you have checked all the basics, move to the potential bigger issues.


Check the server


Are all the applications, services and tasks on the server functioning correctly?


Individual employee checks


Check employees’ login profiles to see if the server is down for everyone or just a few people. That could help to locate the problem.




The on/off switch sounds like such a simple solution to try but sometimes things just get mixed up and need a reboot so reset modems, routers, and other network devices.




After you’ve checked all the hardware, if it’s still not functioning then you need to start checking the software. Sometimes new software installations can have a negative effect on your computer network.


Call Technical Support


While everyone likes to be a fixer, sometimes it’s better to just give up and call in the professionals; otherwise you may risk making things worse. If you don’t already have an IT team on staff, it’s worth considering an external IT support provider, such as PurpleJelly, who can take server issues and alike off your hands so you can focus on what you do best – running your own business.

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