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Why Don’t We Have Bendy Phones?

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Why Don’t We Have Bendy Phones?

Here at Purplejelly IT solutions Surrey, we love keeping up to date with the latest technology. We’ve been hearing a lot about bendable phones, and it all seems very science fiction to us. However, these new developments in batteries might change all that…

Batteries are getting smaller and smaller. Panasonic have produced a lithium ion flexible battery that is 0.45mm thick and able to bend and twist without causing any damage. The battery has a laminated outer body and structure, preventing leakage. It also prevents abnormal heating while bending. The impressive feat of engineering is just a proof of concept at the moment, and is still under development. However, from at IT solutions Surrey perspective, it might not be long before we start to see these used commercially (and in bendy phones!).

Another brilliant battery development is the 10 year battery. It is non-rechargeable by design, but can power wearable electronics and healthcare devices for up to 10 years. The new design is based on the lithium carbon fluoride (CFx) chemical formula, and is actually safer than normal batteries. The coin sized batteries are still being developed and are not yet commercially available.

Technology is only getting more advanced, and with it batteries are getting even smaller. Another panasonic creation, the pin sized battery is only 20mm long. It is lithium ion based and ideal for wearable electronics such as pace trackers and music devices. The battery allows for bluetooth and NFC links with smart phones, as well as being suited for electric pen. This battery IS commercially available.

Purplejelly is an IT solutions Surrey company with a range of specialists to help you with all your IT needs. If you would like to know more about IT solutions Surrey, give us a call on 01252 856230, or email our friendly team at [email protected]

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