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Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Business IT Support Surrey - Windows 10 Support

Windows 10 Free Upgrade

Here at PurpleJelly, being an IT Support Company in Surrey, we are massive Microsoft advocates. The recent development, and news, of Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 has got us very excited. The most recent story to come out of the technology company’s development of their new operating system has been their decision to give Windows 10 as a free upgrade for one year for any user using Windows 7 or above.

This recent news came from their recent launch event on the 21st of January this year. Amongst all the exciting new innovations Microsoft as introduced for the new operating system, the technology company announced that a free upgrade would be available for a whole year for both desktop and mobile devices using Windows 7 or above.

The executive vice president of the new operating system, Terry Myerson, commented “Once a device is upgraded to Windows 10, we’ll be keeping it current for the supported lifetime of the device”. What this means for users and businesses alike, is that unlike Microsoft’s previous operating system Windows XP, which the company decided to stop releasing updates for last year, updates and support will be constantly issued for users of Windows 10. This helps increase the security, and functionality for all devices using Windows 10.

It was also announced that Microsoft would offer different “channels” or “options” for different users in terms of updates. One will be an option to receive new features as soon as they are available, and the other is to allow administrators to update the OS at their own pace. How this effects businesses is that it allows them to update Windows 10 at their own pace, at the more convenient time that wont upset the work flow of the company.

It is now estimated that over half of the world’s PC’s are running Windows 7 and Windows 8. What we can aspect form Microsoft’s latest business decision is a huge up rise in the number of devices using Windows 10. It has been noted in the past that Microsoft’s decision to stop updates for Windows XP came from their desire to persuade businesses to upgrade to a newer version of their operating system, and now the decision to offer the new OS for free, Microsoft will have no problem persuading users and businesses alike to upgrade. This latest change in the development of Windows 10 also eliminates the economic issues surrounding upgrading, making it easier for businesses to accumulate the best, and latest, technology for their company.

PurpleJelly are one of the leading IT Support Companies in Surrey, offering affordable and intelligent IT Support in Guildford, Woking, and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for an affordable IT Support Company then get in contact with us today by calling us on 01252 856 230 or send us an email to [email protected] – we’d love to discuss your IT needs.

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