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Yes, It’s True! Windows 10 to Start Subscription Services in Autumn

Business IT Support in Farnham - Windows 10

Yes, It’s True! Windows 10 to Start Subscription Services in Autumn

As a leading IT support company Berkshire, PurpleJelly are committed to assisting their clients with any security issues or troubleshooting their may require help with, including advice surrounding operating systems and potential upgrades. We’ve previously reported about Windows 10, and a number of its features and problems and true to form we thought we’d keep everyone in the loop about the latest Windows 10 news: subscriptions.

Microsoft announced at this year’s Worldwide Partner Conference in Toronto that they will begin offering subscription options for Windows 10 sometime in autumn. But before anyone starts lighting torches, we have to clarify that Microsoft is planning to provide subscription services to business customers only, not regular users. In other words, those using home variants of windows 10 need not worry about an impending monthly charge, though any businesses might want to consider the package that Microsoft is going to be offering.

So what exactly is it that Microsoft are planning to do? Well, the company announced the introduction of Windows 10 Enterprise E3 and E5 packages, each with their own specifications. Information on the E5 edition is thin on the ground, but Enterprise E3 bundles will cost $7 per user per month (or $84 annually) and includes Microsoft office 365 E3, Security E3, and Enterprise Mobility. 

This is an interesting but essentially inevitable move, as Enterprise customers were not offered free Windows 10 upgrade like many others were, and Microsoft will be wanting to see some returns somewhere. Another detail of note is the switch to cost per user instead of per device, which was how business OS packages were previously measured; Microsoft claims that this method is much to quantify, thus eliminating wasted time and increasing productivity.

The subscriptions will be managed through CSP (Cloud Solution Provider), and a partner managed IT scheme will be introduced, aimed at helping businesses with either no, small, or overstretched IT departments. Customers will also be able to move from Windows 10 Pro to Windows 10 Enterprise without requiring a reboot, something which many will no doubt be happy about. 

PurpleJelly are a trusted IT support company Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire based, who are able to offer peace of mind to our customers in the form of security checks, IT solutions, and more. If you’re tired of troubleshooting and require professional support specialists for your company computers, then contact us today by emailing [email protected] or calling 01252 856 230, and we’ll explain how PurpleJelly can help your business.

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