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Windows 10’s Latest Features

Business IT Support Surrey - Windows 10 Support

Windows 10’s Latest Features

In our last blog we discussed the latest news of Microsoft offering their new Operating System, Windows 10, as a free upgrade for one year to any user using Windows 7 or above during their launch event on the 21st of January. What also came about during the launch event were the latest features to be incorporated into Windows 10. Being one of the leading IT Support Companies in Surrey, and Microsoft Small Business Specialists, we are extremely excited about the new operating system and thought we’d share with you some of the latest features you can expect from Windows 10.


Microsoft’s rival to Apple’s Siri, Cortana, is making a jump from Windows phone to Windows 10. Microsoft’s digital assistant will assume control of the new operating systems search features, and will find home next to the start button (an old feature synonymous with windows that will return in Windows 10). Cortana will act in the same as she does on Windows phone, but some tweaks will be made to make her more PC compatible. For example she will be able to search your local machine(s) and your business network to find files. This is going to be extremely beneficial for businesses, giving them the ability to find files across their network quickly and easily.

Windows Phone

Windows 10 will be available for phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop PC’s. But what’s interesting about the development of Windows 10 for phones and tablets is their integration with Desktop PC’s. Essentially Windows 10 for phones will act as an extension of your PC. This will be achieved through Windows app’s that will work on all devices, but will also feature universal notifications that will sync across all Windows 10 devices. For businesses using both windows phones and PC’s this will allow for a fully integrated system where updates can be made to Word docs and PowerPoint presentations and synced across each device as well as changes to calendars and emails.


We have previously talked about Microsoft’s newest browser, Spartan, to be featured on Windows 10. The new browser will feature a range of new technologies including a note taking mode which allows you to annotate a webpage a share it with other Windows 10 users as well as a updated reading mode which strips the ads and side bars away from webpages, allowing for better reading for blog posts and articles.

Improved PC Gaming

Window’s 10 will also feature an upgraded gaming capability via the integration of Xbox capabilities. This will mainly be done through an Xbox app. Essentially this app will act as a social media platform for Xbox users, allowing people to chat with Xbox live friends, view achievement information, and also like, share, and comment on game clips. It was also announced that Microsoft would enhance the gaming experience regardless of the device. What this means is that both Windows 10 and Xbox One will be able to play games online with one another.

The latest features for Windows 10 Microsoft has announced have the potential to be very beneficial for businesses big or small. We can expect to see an increase in the functionality aspect of the new operating system, as well as it being superiorly user-friendly.

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