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About Us

Who Are PurpleJelly?

PurpleJelly are Proactive IT support specialists, based in Farnham, Surrey and have been supporting local businesses since 2008.


We differ to most IT support service providers. Our client base demonstrates that we excel at working with a variety of businesses and we are all about treating each one as individual entities. We understand that no two clients are the same; all have different personalities as well as different needs.


We currently look after a wide range of clients from many different industries across the South East of England. We support businesses in Media & Events, Exhibitions and Conferences, Healthcare, Education, Charities, Financial Services and Post Production to name but a few.

Our Vision

To provide a reliable, trustworthy service which manages your IT infrastructure, allowing you to run your business.


To maintain a friendly and professional business relationship that promises to provide only what you need and never over sell.

Why Choose Us?

Cost effectiveness, value added services and reliability are often talked about by IT Support providers. Whilst we totally agree with this ethos, we feel it is even more important that our clients realise that our guiding philosophy is all around partnerships. We don’t like to talk about client accounts because we believe our relationships go deeper than that. We feel that it is incredibly important that if a company chooses to invest in PurpleJelly then it’s the foundation for a long lasting relationship.


Bringing immediate value to your business is imperative and you’ll quickly get a good idea of that value with our reports and statistics.


Honesty is key to providing a high-level IT Support service such as ours. We will not undertake projects if we do not believe that we or the project will add value and improve your workflow. We will always sit down and talk honestly with you regarding your requirements, budgets and timescales.

How are we doing this week?

Here at the PJ HQ we have a diverse group of IT nerds each with their own special skill set covering almost all aspects of computing and networking. Combining years of experience our elite crew can set up, configure or fix just about anything.


As a company, we pride ourselves in being honest with our performances and believe that our clients should be able to see at a snapshot just how well we are doing.


Here’s some of this weeks stats…


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