Tailored IT Support

Our dedicated team specializes in a wide range of multidisciplinary business IT support, guaranteeing a tailored solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Tailored IT support
PurpleJelly Intelligent IT Solutions

PurpleJelly is an innovative and forward-thinking IT support provider that offers comprehensive tailored solutions to businesses of all sizes. Our proactive approach ensures that our customers receive regular maintenance and updates without interruption to their daily operations. With years of experience in the tech industry, we have developed a level of proactive IT support designed to identify potential issues before they become bigger problems.

Whether it’s monitoring servers, safeguarding data or providing immediate assistance when needed, PurpleJelly IT provides a personalised service tailored to meet the evolving needs of customers. We understand that technology can be complex so aim to simplify processes for our clients with easy-to-understand language. Our team also provide valuable advice about new technologies and trends, helping businesses stay ahead of the curve when it comes to managing their IT systems.

Having a proactive IT Support strategy is essential for any business in today’s tech-focused world. Technology plays such an important role in the success of businesses, and having a reliable IT support team that can detect and resolve problems before they become major issues is necessary to ensure productivity and efficiency. Proactive IT support offers many benefits, which include cost savings, improved customer service and satisfaction levels, increased security measures and improved employee performance.

With PurpleJelly’s Support You Will Be Assured Of:

  • On-site, remote-access or telephone based support around the clock
  • Assurance for your staff that there is support for them when they need it
  • An experienced and knowledgeable partner for delivering IT projects
  • Fast resolution to software and hardware problems
  • Unsurpassable knowledge and professionalism
  • Proactive management of your IT systems
  • Help and advice when you need it
PurpleJelly Intelligent IT Solutions
PurpleJelly Intelligent IT Solutions

PurpleJelly IT Support Plans – Flexible Support for Every Business

Clients have varying requirements when it comes to how much IT support they want and how they would like it delivered. In the same way that many people have support plans in place for their central heating or car maintenance, it’s good to have the reassurance that PurpleJelly are there for you and your colleagues when you need us. To this end PurpleJelly offer IT support plans that work with you and provide the variety and flexibility of support that our clients tell us they look for.

Premium Proactive Support Options

It may be the case that your business has a number of senior and key staff who are your number on priority when it comes to keeping your business performing at an optimum level.

Senior management and key technical personnel are the lifeblood for your business. You can’t afford to have them offline or being non-contactable for any substantial period of time.

PurpleJelly offer a premium support approach that puts the requirements of your key expert technicians and management as a priority. What do we mean by this? Our premium proactive support approach offers assistance whether it’s just an issue with the local Wi-Fi or you need urgent assistance with a hardware issue. PurpleJelly’s experienced experts are here to ensure your senior and key staff feel assured that they can get help when it is needed.

PurpleJelly Intelligent IT Solutions

Our proactive General IT Support service for business includes:

Fully monitored infrastructure

Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance site visits

Ongoing infrastructure health checks

Patch management

Help desk analysis and report

High-level audits and IT reviews with account managers or your own Virtual IT Director

Best practice recommendations

Tailored IT Support

Real Time Monitoring

We continuously monitor your systems, proactively fixing problems before you know they were a threat.

Tech Support

Our team of IT specialists will be able to talk to you and your staff at all levels, even with the committed technophobes within your business.

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If you have a question about our IT support services or products and wish to speak to one of our team, please call us on 01252 856 230 or complete our simple contact form and we’ll be in touch later today.

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Existing clients

If you are an existing PurpleJelly client with a Support Agreement, you can obtain technical support by: 

Calling the helpdesk team on 01252 856 230 selecting Option 2 

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