XDR eXtended Detection and Response

Cybersecurity is not a product, but a journey and today’s basic cybersecurity hygiene practices require the use of more than standalone security solutions. PurpleJelly’s XDR bridges the gap by combining eXtended visibility, detection & response (XDR) technology, with a 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC).

Extended detection and response

An Introduction To XDR

eXtended detection and response (XDR) is a cutting-edge threat detection and response method that offers comprehensive defence against cybercrime, unauthorised access, and exploitation. It gathers and combines information from various security layers, including email, cloud workloads, endpoints, servers and networks. The XDR platform then uses data analysis to identify the most critical alerts across those layers.

The XDR solution is not just software and AI, it is a fully supported 24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC). We pride ourselves on the human analysis aspect of our endpoint detection and response platform. We employ a team of expert cybersecurity forensic analysts who manually review security data from multiple layers within your networks to identify potential security incidents. This human analysis provides our clients environments with a robust layer of security and ensures that potential threats are caught, mitigated and disruptions minimised from threat actors.

  • Collect – Our XDR agent continuously captures process execution data including privilege level, command line arguments and lineage, and more.
  • Detect – With custom-tuned detection logic to capture all process data and spot suspicious behavioural patterns our SOC Analysts can target sceptical activity that requires investigation.
  • Analyse – Our analysts dig deep into the continuous stream of data to confirm whether activity is in fact malicious, eliminating noise and false positives.
  • Report – We provide you with a custom incident report, sharing our findings and outlining next steps.
  • Remediate – We’ll execute our recommended automated remediation steps in a single click. You’ll also get detailed guidance for any additional work that should be completed.

Contact the PurpleJelly team for further advice on how we can provide you with the most stringent security protection available.

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