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Network Design & Install

Future proofed secure and reliable infrastructures

The right team for the job

If you are thinking of replacing your current network and need advice to talk through cloud or in house options, look no further.

PurpleJelly have in-depth network design and deployment skills that will simplify the process from inception to completion. Our design services are planned and deployed to ensure a future proof, secure, scalable and reliable network infrastructure solution.

Planning comes first

In-depth planning of a network is incredibly important to ensure costs are kept low both now and in the future when you may need to expand, and more importantly, ensuring that the design meets the needs of your business models. Simply put, good design and planning, is key to the success of your long-term IT strategy.

The first stage (Topology) is all about what you have and what you will need now and in 5 and where possible, 10 years’ time. We’ll check out your existing location and network components. From that we’ll be able to lay down the fabric of the new network.

The second stage (Network Design) will see us specifying the equipment and any services ready for use. We’ll be working out the most efficient way of delivering your network and the most efficient, resilient and performance giving network infrastructure available within your budget.

Stage three is all about the realisation. How are we going to deploy this brand-new infrastructure to you without disrupting your day to day tasks? It will also allow us to work out how to implement the current needs right away and the future needs from stage one in a detailed plan.


The final stage is the implementation stage. We’ll start the implementation service from our technical WorkCentre here at our offices.

After running through our pre-implementation checklist, we’ll spend up to 10 working days putting as much of it as possible through our ‘soak’ tests to ensure there are no manufacturer faults. Following ‘Soak test’ sign off, we’ll attend site and begin the physical implementation and see it through till you sign off the completed project.

For more information please get in contact with us