The Benefits of Secure Email Protection

The benefits of secure email protection

Secure email protection is crucial in the world today where cyber threats are increasing in frequency and sophistication. The risks to organisations of all sizes range from simple breaches to intrusion, full data theft, so it’s well worth securing your business across email as well as your wider IT systems.

The Importance of Secure Email Protection

Email is one of the most widely used communication channels, making it a prime target for cyber criminals. The potential risks associated with having unsecured email are huge, such as data breaches, financial losses, and reputational damage. Robust email security measures are vital to protect sensitive information and maintain compliance with data protection regulations.

Common Email Security Threats

There are numerous threats that secure email protection can mitigate, such as phishing attacks, malware infections, and unauthorised access to confidential data. The latest cyber breaches report from the UK Government showed that for the smallest UK businesses the cost of a security breach was in excess of £1,000 whilst for medium-sized and larger firms the cost of a breach was over £10,000.

Those figures are purely for the cost of breaches. Once there has been data theft, the figures ramp up considerably. A small firm data breach costs on average £6,940 whilst medium and large companies can see costs rise to over £40,000.

Features of Secure Email Protection

We’re committed to providing the very best features to improve your email security. With our service your business will benefit from:

Spam, Malware, and Advanced Threat Protection
Identify and block spam, viruses, and malware delivered via email messages. Using virus scanning, spam scoring, real-time intent analysis, URL link protection, reputation checks, and other techniques.

Impersonation Protection
Automatically detect and prevent impersonation, business email compromise, and other targeted attacks. Our AI engine learns your organization’s unique communication patterns and leverages these patterns to identify anomalies and prevent social-engineering attacks in real-time.

Account Takeover Protection
Stop phishing attacks used to harvest credentials for account takeover. Our AI detects anomalous email behaviour and alerts IT, then finds and removes all fraud emails sent from compromised accounts.

Email Encryption and Data-loss Prevention
Secure your mail by encrypting it during transport and at rest for storage in the cloud. Create and enforce content policies to prevent sensitive and confidential data from being sent out by email.

Domain Fraud Protection
Prevent email domain fraud with DMARC reporting and analysis. The solution provides granular visibility and analysis of DMARC reports and helps you minimize false positives, protect legitimate email, and prevent spoofing.

Web Security
Protect users from accessing malicious websites and files with advanced Web Security.

Incident Response
Remediate threats quickly and efficiently by automating investigative workflows and enabling direct removal of malicious emails. Take advantage of fully automated, post-delivery incident response and threat-hunting capabilities.

Security Awareness Training
Get access to advanced, automated education technology that includes simulation-based training, continuous testing, powerful reporting for administrators, and active incident response awareness.

Cloud-to-Cloud Backup
Data protection and cloud backup for Microsoft 365 data, including Exchange Online mailboxes, SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Teams. Fast, point-in-time recovery in the event of accidental or malicious deletion.

Cloud Archiving
A cloud-based, indexed archive that allows for granular retention policies, extensive search, role-based auditing/permissions, legal hold, and export. Easy compliance with e-discovery requests and regulatory and policy-retention requirements.

Data Inspector
Our Data Inspector automatically scans your OneDrive for Business and SharePoint data for sensitive information and malicious files. Take control of your environment, ensure ongoing compliance, and cut the risk of hefty regulatory fines and loss of reputation.

Zero Trust Access for Microsoft 365
Mitigate breach risks for remote employees and contractors and reduce your exposure to lateral attacks on Microsoft 365 applications by deploying continuous verification of user and device identity and trust.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
DLP features can detect and prevent the accidental or intentional sharing of confidential data via email, mitigating the risk of data breaches.

Compliance Support
Our solution helps businesses comply with industry-specific regulations and standards, such as GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, and enhances applications towards Cyber Essentials accreditations and Cyber Insurance suppliers.

Benefits for Businesses

Implementing secure email protection has numerous benefits for your organisation such as:

  • Improved data security and reduced risk of breaches.
  • Enhanced compliance with regulations and industry standards.
  • Increased customer trust and brand reputation.
  • Streamlined communication and collaboration with secure file sharing.

PurpleJelly can provide even further benefits with an IT infrastructure audit to ensure that your IT system is robust, and your staff are trained to be more aware of cybersecurity threats.

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