Unleashing the Power of Teams Telephony for Unified Communications

Microsoft Teams Telephony for Unified Communications

Microsoft Teams Telephony is a great way to improve communications and productivity in your organisation, especially for UK businesses, from start-ups with 2 or 3 staff all the way to a 300-seat environment. Based upon Microsoft Teams, an integral part of the M365 suite, MS Teams telephony helps companies to realise a number of commercial advantages.

Here are some key advantages and steps to get started:

The Benefits of Microsoft Teams Telephony for UK Businesses

Whilst traditional phone systems still have their place in some organisations, MS Teams Telephony offers a massive range of extras over “just a phone system”.

Unified Communication Platform
Teams Telephony integrates a VoIP phone system with the Microsoft Teams workspace, eliminating the need for multiple apps and reducing app switching.

Integrated PBX Solution
It provides a user-friendly PBX solution with traditional telephony features like speed dial, call routing, and call forwarding, all within the Teams interface.

Easy Administration
Teams Telephony offers effortless team call management and administration through a centralised platform.

High-Level Security
It ensures data security and end-to-end encryption for calls, chats, and shared data, complying with regulations like GDPR.

Cost Savings
By switching from traditional landlines to VoIP, businesses can significantly reduce expenses associated with hardware, maintenance, and monthly phone bills.

Call Recording and Transcription
Teams Telephony allows recording and transcribing one-on-one calls, reducing the need for manual notetaking.

Seamless Integration
Microsoft Teams Telephony seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft 365 apps and tools, providing a unified experience.

Mobility and Flexibility
Users can access Teams Telephony features from anywhere, using various devices like PCs, mobile devices, or compatible desk phones (MS Teams Phones).

Teams Telephony can accommodate up to 300 users, making it suitable for start-up businesses through to established larger companies, with multiple departments, sites and the full flexibility of hybrid location working employees.

Business Continuity
With Teams Telephony, organisations can ensure uninterrupted communication and never miss a call, even during disruptions.

Calling Plans
A Microsoft Calling Plan for Teams can help you manage domestic, international and pay-as you-go calls to external networks.

Getting Started with Microsoft Teams Telephony

Before you switch to Microsoft Teams Phones, take a look at the landscape of your business. Understanding your company’s requirements will help you to roll out an appropriate and scalable solution for your organisation.

Assess Your Requirements
Evaluate your business’s communication needs, including the number of users, call volumes, and any specific features required.

Choose a Licensing Plan
Select the appropriate Microsoft 365 licensing plan that includes Teams Telephony, such as Microsoft 365 Business Voice or Microsoft 365 E5.

Consult with a Microsoft Partner
Engage with a certified Microsoft Partner or Managed Services Provider (MSP) like PurpleJelly IT Solutions to assist with the implementation, configuration, and ongoing support of Teams Telephony.

Set Up Infrastructure
Ensure your network infrastructure and internet connectivity are capable of supporting VoIP and Teams Telephony requirements.

Configure Teams Telephony
Work with your Microsoft Partner or MSP to configure Teams Telephony components, including the Phone System, Direct Routing for PSTN connectivity, Calling Plans, and any additional features or integrations required.

User Training and Adoption
Provide training and resources to your employees to ensure a smooth transition and adoption of the new Teams Telephony system.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance
Establish a support plan with your Microsoft Partner or MSP to ensure ongoing maintenance, updates, and troubleshooting of your Teams Telephony solution.

By leveraging Microsoft Teams Telephony, your staff can benefit from a unified communication platform, cost savings, enhanced security, and seamless integration with other Microsoft 365 tools, while ensuring business continuity and scalability.

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